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Children and Young People’s Counselling

A supportive environment to address emotional, behavioural and development challenges

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A tailored approach based on the needs and development stage of the child

Counselling provides a space for children and young people to openly express their thoughts and feelings however they feel comfortable in a pressure-free environment.

Our Children and Young People’s Counsellors are specifically trained to work with young people at different stages of development. Our counsellors shape sessions based on the individual circumstances of each child and can incorporate tools like play and art to get the best out of their time.

“I feel uncomfortable talking about my feelings and I never talk to anyone about this, but it felt ok to talk about them in the sessions.”

– Young Person

Areas Children and Young People’s Counselling can benefit

Counselling is a useful tool to help young people discover their strengths and find better ways to manage big feelings like worry and anger. We help young people dealing with things like anxiety, depression, bullying, family changes, and relationship difficulties build and maintain self-confidence.

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