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Relationship Counselling

Supporting you and your partner to communicate effectively and overcome challenges in your relationship


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Something for all couples, not just those encountering difficulties

Relationship Counselling is not just for those considering separation; all relationships require maintenance, and addressing challenges openly with professional guidance, can be an excellent way to work towards better understanding each other.

Issues Relationship Counselling can help with

Some challenges we’ve helped partners discuss include communication breakdowns, repetitive arguments, changing family dynamics, cheating, and health and illness.

You might be finding it difficult to articulate what feels wrong with your relationship, but your counsellor can help you express your feelings and find ways to process them.

Related therapists

Joanne Clough

Counselling and Psychotherapy


My name is Joanne and I have called my counselling service, ‘The front of the queue,’ because I believe we are all entitled to be at the front of the queue when it comes to having our needs met.

Liz Johnson

Counselling and psychotherapy


I work with individuals and couples on a variety issue these include depression, self-esteem, relationships, parental issues, past trauma, communication, and intimacy. Due to my person-centred training, I work with clients on issues they want to focus on, offering a supportive space for individuals or couples. I build a relationship with my clients, exploring their backgrounds to help support their future. I ensure my clients feel heard and safe in order for them to flourish both as an individual and a couple.

Kirstie Casey

Counselling and Psychotherapy and Relationship Counselling

South Yorkshire

I specialise in relationship therapy, offering tools for effective communication, trust building and intimacy while addressing other issues such as bereavement and depression to empower individuals to cultivate fulfilling connections.

Not sure if therapy is right for you?

Read our guide to help understand what happens during therapy and the therapist’s role in sessions to help you decide if it’s right for you.